Brain Rays is co-founder of Devon art and party crew Bizarre Rituals and one half of irreverent hip-hop duo, Baconhead. His debut Cassette release ‘music for abandoned beach parties’ caught the ear of Rob da Bank, Annie Mac and the wire magazine, with its grainy funk and house rhythms. Since then he has gone on to soundtrack various film projects. Including Rhys Chapman’s acclaimed film Wonderkid.

He is now releasing a series of off-kilter dance tracks intended for ‘playing in DJ sets and driving around in the clean shirt whip’ Dobwalls Gateway Zone Vol. I drops minimal and heavy dancefloor cuts, a prime example that machine funk done with taste can work with a sparse sound selection.

The first track, “I Feel for U” works a vocal sample of the track title. This cut’s groove is in the subsonics and the stepping beat with the bass wobble will shake speakers and booties alike. Dubstep and rave influences give a strong feeling the track was made for the height of a night in a dark smoke filled dancefloor.

“Zombie Ken” is a slowly pulsating bass affair which will keep your head bouncing while chilling you out all at once. One vividly imagines a stoned dancer on the floor, enjoying himself along to the sparse synthetic chirps and bleeps. Without much of a beat or a hook, this track is packing immense dancefloor punch with the dub flavours and massive subs.

By Ognen Spiroski

Buy here via Bandcamp

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