““0009 3 – Audio” is a short unpretentious release packed with accessible experimental electronica. The description of the release states only (Unmastered). It spans ~25 minutes and contains 9 tracks that are titled like project files saves and cryptic references.


The tracks are full of mellow synthetic melodies from various sound sources. Comfortably processed through lots of effects, the melodies still retain their emotional pulse while having an explorative attitude. Similarly, the drums move from sparse syncopated IDM beats to full on braindance workouts. A few samples, some containing classic rave-era sounds, are peppered across the tracks for extra taste and funk.

The first 3 tracks are more experimental affairs, featuring glitchy beats with various rhythmic meltdowns and outbursts which happily sit with the more ambiental and microtonal melodic elements.

The 4th track, “11-4 Audio” works a classic 4-to-the-floor beat with his distinct experimental eloquence.

The title track “009 3 – Audio” is likely the most accessible, nicely sitting between dancefloor and chillout with the bell-driven mellow melodic beats and the various synths and FXs which evoke a slightly melancholic psychedelic ambient vibe.

The release picks up the drum pace at the 6th track “L30mx_upgrade” and is the most club-oriented one, rinsing punchy breaks, a subtly growly bass and various acidic chirps.

The next two tracks, “0001 4-audio- 1-23” and “@Les Nautes – 1”, are very short snippets of dense techy beats, probably sourced as best bits from a jam session recording.

The last track “4gotten4est” is an ambient excursion, featuring a long and varied selection of psychedelic synth sounds slowly pulsating through the stereo field. Arps, bleeps, wails and sweeps explore various parts of the sonic spectrum in a minimal and tasteful way.

Suso Flores

Overall, this release sees Suso Flores, of the Massage Brain Cult posse, debut with an immensely listenable experimental release on COLOR SQUAD records. It is both a complaint and praise that it is such a short, yet compact sounding effort. Eagerly awaiting more sonic delights from Suso in the future.

By Ognen Spiroski

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