The iPhone is the reason why I’ve filled 3 iCloud accounts with pictures I rarely look at and also the reason so many of us are now photographers. It’s the simplicity that’s so seductive, one click and you have a great picture in your hand, shareable, editable, simple.

For better or for worse, digital photography has made us all complacent, what was once an incredibly skilled profession has now been opened up to anyone with a smartphone. When I first spoke to David Collier about his 35mm film work it struck me that this doesn’t have to be the way, and we can get back that feeling of excitement by waiting for something.

Model- @claudiathompsonx
Model- SlimChaydee

David first started taking pictures in his early teens with an Olympus OM1 film camera. Just like all of us when you get a new gadget you feel like you’re a master, quickly using up 5 rolls of film taking pictures of things in your bedroom and your sister as she walks in the door.


Model- @claudiathompsonx

After some years working with cameras and doing photography in his spare time, he came the full circle back to his early youth.

” I still love to use film cameras and old school super 8 motion film which has its own look and craft but complements things with digital imagery. I don’t mind the wait for film to come back from the lab, it’s not the world we live in now with everything we do being so instant. I think it is the anticipation of what you might get back that keeps me addicted to the process and outcome.”

Model: Georgia Coe

There is a kind of ‘hit’ or a ‘rush’ unique to film photography; going for a coffee whilst eagerly anticipating how your photos are going to turn out. It’s the opposite of instant gratification, but the eventual gratification when you’re holding 36 pictures in your hand is bliss. A few are blurred, a couple haven’t come out the way you wanted but they’re there, in your hands.


Model: Julia Cavanagh

Often shot within models’ homes, Davids work offers us a candid snapshot into the lives of his muses. Capturing lives and friendships sometimes at their most mundane, relaxed and emotional. Images that allow us to see ourselves reflected in the scenarios he shoots.

Model: Lauren Aroyan

Hopefully, these words and images will inspire you to get on eBay and buy a film camera (there are literally 1000’s), go out and shoot all your friends, it’s far more invigorating than your iPhone.

Alex Theaker
Editor-In Chief

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