As winter draws in, your interior surroundings begin to become more essential. Reading big coffee table books whilst listening to the rain outside huddled around a fire is quite unbeatable. The social hive within the home deserves careful curation and design for optimum pleasure.

So stick on this tune and have a look at our winter hibernation essentials for your space.

Lola Paprocka- Blokovi Book


Lola Paprocka

You need an eclectic mix of coffee table book’s in order to keep any visitor happy. Lola Paprocka’s ‘Blokovi’ has been atop my pile all summer. I came across Lola‘s work entirely by accident but I quickly fell in love with her raw depiction of Belgrade’s apartment blocks and their residents.

Predominantly shot on medium format in August, 2015. Lola’s main source of inspiration comes from her interest and admiration of architecture and portraiture. These two themes frequently present themselves throughout the project. She intends not to focus on any particular group of people or subjects but has allowed the interactions with strangers in everyday situations within the Belgrade’s brutalist architecture to inform the overall narrative.

PHOENIX Magazine

Phoenix Magazine “Optimism” S/S 16

Despite the massive amount of fashion and culture data out here on the internet. We all still love a print magazine. Nothing beats that feeling of opening a crisp new magazine, or a musty old one. The fashion publication is the perfect history book, a snapshot of the Zeitgeist.

So which magazine do you go for? Of course there’s your Dazed’s and your AnOther’s, but what about trying a smaller independent. PHOENIX is an internationally distributed, independent magazine that represents the beating heart of London’s vibrant fashion and culture scene.

Their content is intelligently crafted and insightful, factually informative yet entertaining, and unpretentious while aspirational. Launched to industry acclaim in June 2010, PHOENIX has fast become the indispensable publication for Britain’s most creative and thought provoking designers, artists, photographer’s and writers. Purchase here.

Pro-Ject Audio Systems- Vinyl Player

Project Audio Sytstems.jpg
Elemental Table

Your room needs a soundtrack. Vinyl is the obvious route. Endless, beautifully designed record sleeves arranged neatly on a shelf alongside a modern turntable will turn your room into a social hub as well as providing an omni-dimensional soundscape. What’s more, there are literally millions of them lying around (some probably in the loft of your Mum and Dad’s house). We discovered some of the tracks below in our ‘Music from Africa’ selection from old vinyl’s. We think, Pro-Ject Audio Systems’ beautiful, futuristic Elemental Table is the perfect way to start.

The new Elemental table is a real “plug ‘n’ play”. No adjustment of counterweight and antiskating is needed, because both are pre-adjusted. The hidden secret to the new table’s sonic success, is a central gravity mass point, made from artificial stone and placed directly underneath the platter bearing. It is capable to fully absorb unwanted rumble and motor vibration. The stripped down aesthetic mirrors the minimalist look of their more expensive turntables and comes with a choice of coloured trim. This turntable appears to be pure simplicity itself, while maintaining high-quality audio standards.

Annie Sloan Paint

Annie Sloan- Chalk Paint in Paris Grey

Finally, the room needs a lick of paint, whether it’s the coffee table or just one empty wall. We recommend Annie Sloan’s selection of Chalk Paints, they were first developed  in 1990 to answer the need she had for a versatile paint that would work beautifully on furniture without priming or sanding. It is incredibly easy to use, quick to dry and can be used for a number of different paint techniques. She called it Chalk Paint because of its velvety, ultra matt finish.

Soft, gentle Paris Grey is inspired by the painted furniture found in elegant French châteaux or old Swedish manor houses. It works with almost any other colour in the room and will help to accent blues and oranges.

Make any visitor feel like they’re in a Parisian coffee shop or a spacious New York loft apartment with these four simple living accessories.

Alex Theaker and Toby O’Neill

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