Whilst studying for his final year thesis, McGavin Israel began to ponder the beginning of time; space, dark matter and multiverses. Like most emerging artist his strong desire for individuality led to an experimental collection of works.

Many physicists discuss the theory that the universe was created from just a few gases mixing together billions of years ago, “I simplified the start of the universe into a few small factors; figures, object, material, texture and light.”

Israel looked at each of these categories and tried to figure out how to create them and how they interact with one another in a visual way. The basis behind this particular body of work was light and how it interacts with everyday objects and architecture around us.

Israel begins all his work with 90’s anime as a basis for colour and form. He titles his works with the intro titles for the various magazines that have inspired the piece.

“I was surprised that a couple of people from Japan are actually able to pick out some of titles and have some nostalgia from it.”

As well as Anime, Israel is influenced by key colour composers of the art and photography world such as Richard Avedon, Neil Krug, Jonathan Zawada and Hoyte van Hoytema who all play with interesting colour palettes.

Nathalie Kelley- Neil Krug

Israel began calling his work Hyperhue, but never really thought it would catch on, now the term is something everyone who knows him associates with. “My main goal honestly was to make something that was visually eye catching, but not an eye sore.” Israel’s ability to seamlessly match quiet rural spaces and gigantic New York skyscrapers in the same body of work proves that his work is anything but an eye sore.

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