Dear Designers, Artists and Creators

Welcome to our first month of publications at Centric. We’re a multi-faceted creative platform for anyone wanting to make an impact in today’s youth culture. We aim to display a cross-sectional sample of current trends as well as a snapshot into the lives of the next generation of tastemakers.

Communicating the information you want to see and hear in the saturated world of the creative arts is our biggest challenge. We hope our thought-provoking, original material will be as stimulating for you to read as it was for us creating it.

For our September publications, we want to raise your dampened spirits. The realisation that summer is over and the month-long barrage of important information, endless emails and stress that lays ahead can be overwhelming. Take a step back, turn off the news, silence Facebook and dream. Become that aesthetic voyager you’ve always wanted to be. Bring to life the eccentric ideas you had over the summer, implementation is key.

Each month we hope to bring you an ‘Out of Hours’ selection of music from artists at the forefront of music production who’re making an impact in clubs around the world. The sounds of September are courtesy of DJ collective Loose Lips, who discuss their tracks from the Summer.

We have also connected with Hong-Kong based fashion collective Point Studio, who are taking us on a journey through the mountains of Tibet in their latest shoot.

If you would like to work or collaborate with us please visit our submissions page, we would be very glad to have you on board.

With anticipation,