Hong Kong-based fashion collective Point head to Tibet for their latest cover shoot.

Tibet, a land rich with history and folklore is not a place usually associated with fashion. ‘To The West’ explores the long journey made by Princess Wencheng of the Tang Dynasty, from China to Tibet in the 7th Century. The myths and tales that surround her suggest she brought with her sacred images of Gautama Buddha and helped to strengthen relationships between the two countries.

The long yak wool dress provides insulation and protection in the thin, Himalayan air. Sleeves that double up as gloves, an ample cut on the chest that serves as a pocket are key features of the Tibetans national dress, better known as Chupa. It has many similar features to other East Asian countries’ traditional costume, such as the Japanese Kimono, China’s Hanfu and Korea’s Hanbok.

With the help of entrepreneurial Tibetan farmers, yak wool has caught the attention of some major European fashion houses, most notably Sonia Rykiel. Yak wool is a perfect replacement for its less sustainable little sister, cashmere. As well as providing shawls to keep wealthy Parisians warm, the increasing sales of Yak wool are helping in the fight against desertification of China’s drylands.

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